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Edupunk Podcast Episode 2

In which we introduce ourselves, talk about Edupunk as a concept, bring in a friend, Kim, to join the conversation, and generally have a good time doing it.  We spend some time discussing this article.

Have a listen!
You can grab the MP3 here – Edupunk Podcast Episode 1

You can also visit the Spreecast page, and watch the whole episode. For the visual learners.

The iTunes feed should update in a while and if you’ve subscribed, the download will be magically on it’s way!


Edupunk Podcast Episode 1

We did it! Episode one is in the books. Royan, Danika and Colin talked about their experiences at ECOO11 and more generally about conferences and their value to us as learners. Thanks to everyone who popped in to listen and join the conversation!

Have a listen!
You can grab the MP3 here – Edupunk Podcast Episode 1

The feed has also been submitted to iTunes, and once it’s approved and in the iTunes store, I’ll post about how to subscribe to it.

Update: The feed is now live, and you can subscribe to all future episodes via iTunes!

Mark it.

Sunday, November 5th, 2011


Edupunk Podcast hits the internetz.